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Linda Myer
Owner-Operator Linda Myer

Nails Etc. was the brainchild of owner-operator Linda Myers, who moved from Oklahoma City to Greensboro and opened her first nail salon in 1982.

Her fingernail art was well received, and customers started flooding her shop.  At one point, she became so busy that she decided to franchise her business; and in its heyday, she employed more than a dozen people in four shops, one located in Rocky Mount, one in High Point, and two in Greensboro.

These days she has scaled back down to one salon, now called Nails by Linda.   She caters to a select clientele who don’t like the hustle-bustle of the factory-type shops.  Her manicures and pedicures are by appointment only.  She is open for business Monday – Saturday, and she has flexible hours to meet your schedule.

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